Plyometric Workout Routine

If you are trying to learn how to jump higher you have to take into account both the strength training aspect and the speed at which your muscles can contract. A good plyometric workout routine will incorporate both of these types of exercises.

Strength Training

The most common exercise you will come across is the squat. This is a great way to build up strength and muscle in your legs and glutes. Will squats make you jump higher if done alone? Yes they actually will but you will see better results if you also do some plyometric exercises. Don’t be fooled with gimmicks like strength training shoes that are supposed to increase your vertical leap. These vertical jump shoes do not actually increase your vertical leap. All they do is strengthen your calves a little bit but I highly advise against them because you shouldn’t be in that position for long periods of time, it will throw off your walking gait.

So where do you get the best vertical jump training? There are a few programs online that you can buy and to be honest the majority of them are not worth the money. This does not mean that they are all scams! I do recommend the Jump Mentor and the Jump Manual. They are the 2 best programs in the market.

Increase Vertical Program

If you are looking for an increase vertical program you have come to the best place online to find all the information you will ever need to help you pick the right one for you.

There are many scams out there and it would take all day to name the vertical jump training programs that you should avoid. But I do have some how to jump higher tips that will help you pick the right vertical leap training program.

Here at increase vertical workouts we provide you with the knowledge that is needed to start training on your own to improve your vertical. This means that you don’t need to go out and buy some kind of special equipment or jumpsoles (jump training shoes) that really won’t help your vertical at all.

In order to jump higher you need to train with plyometrics. These are designed to give you the best workout in the shortest amount of time in order to really develop your fast twitch muscle fibers. The reaction time with which your golgi tendon reflex reacts to the stretched patella tendon has a big effect on how you jump. This is why plyos are so important, they work on making that reaction happen with more power by training all of the fibers to fire at the exact same time. When this happens you produce much more power and you will see a marked improvement in your jump height.

There are many so called “experts” in the field that don’t even know what the golgi tendon reflex is. They simply have a pretty looking website to trick you into buying some bogus product that they are promoting in order to get an affiliate commission from your purchase. The only program that we ever recommend is the Jump Manual because we have tried it and tested it.

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What about jump higher shoes? Please listen to me and realize that there are no magic vertical jump shoes.
How can I jump higher? You have to learn to jump higher by following a plyometric workout routine as found at the Jump Mentor.