Air Alert Review

A few months ago I really wanted to learn how to jump higher so naturally I turned to the Internet and started searching for programs.  Air alert kept coming up so I thought it must be good if so many people had used it.  So I got it and started with the workouts.  The air alert exercises really felt like they were working because they would make me really tired and I thought I would be jumping so high after a while.  Well a while passed and I wasn’t really jumping much higher than I was before.  How could it be?  I did all these workouts that felt like they were kicking my butt and no progress.

So I went back on the Internet and starting reading about vertical jump training and it turns out that air alert wasn’t the best option if I would have just kept looking.  So I bit the bullet and tried another program that was also pretty intense but not as intense as air alert.  This program talked about how some training will feel like it is working but it’s not.  The focus was put more on the quality of the exercises instead of the quantity.  Finally it made sense how it could feel like such a hard workout but not help my vertical leap.  After 1 week with the new program I had the same results from 1 month of training with air alert.  The moral of the story is that Air Alert just didn’t produce the results that I had hoped for.

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