Do Squats Increase Vertical Jump?

I have many people often asking, do squats increase vertical jump? And the answer varies for every person. For one person, yes squats will make you jump higher but for another person squat won’t increase vertical leap at all. The reason being that the first person might have weak legs and that is what is hindering their jump performance and for person number 2, they could have very strong legs and that is where they are getting almost all of their jump height. It all boils down to if you personally lack strength or speed.

A person that wants to learn how to jump higher has to realize that vertical jump training exercises need to be designed around which areas of your body need to improve the most. If you have really strong legs but lack speed, you need to do plyometric exercises but if you already have the speed and need strength you will have to focus more on the strength gains.

To increase vertical is takes more than just doing either speed drills or strength training, you have to do a combination of the two.

Most people don’t understand plyometrics and that is why you should buy the Jump Manual or the Jump Mentor. They are both vertical jump training programs that work. They teach you how to improve vertical jump using plyometric boxes and other workouts.

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