Increase Vertical for Volleyball

What is the sport that depends on jumping more than any other, the sport that places the greatest importance on jumping? Volleyball! You might have guessed basketball but you would be wrong. To be even more specific, beach volleyball players depend on their ability jump high more than any other athletes in the world. Sure it’s important to learn how to jump higher for dance, cheer leading, basketball, football, gymnastics, soccer and many other sports but none have the same demand as beach volleyball.

A beach volleyball workout can essentially be called an increase vertical volleyball workout. If you want to increase vertical leap for volleyball you need to focus on a few main things. First off of you will be jumping from 2 feet so there is no real need to do any type of vertical jump training off of 1 foot.

Squats are one of the most important exercises to increase your vertical. But it can’t be said that they are the single best exercise to jump higher. The truth is that you have to have a combination of many exercises to really get true results. If you want to know how to get better hops you have to train with plyometric workout and strength training workouts. Vertical jump training exercises will increase vertical more than almost anything else you can do but you still need the normal strength gains from a typical gym leg workout routine. Air alert exercises require you to jump way too much at sub-maximal heights which will not help you. So as you would think an Air Alert workout will not give you results that you want. You may see very small gains but they will come at a cost of over-training and injury risk and over a long period of time. You need a jump program that works.

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