Increase Vertical

Time to increase vertical jump now.  You have been playing at less than your potential for too long and it’s time that you learn how to increase your vertical so that you can excel at your sport.

How do I increase my vertical jump?

You have to start by doing plyometrics which are jumping exercises that will give you ups like you won’t believe. They focus on training the golgi tendon reflex of the legs. This is the same reflex that the doctor tests by tapping your knee with a little hammer to see if your foot reacts without you even trying to move it. This same unconscious muscle reaction happens when you squat down right before jumping and plyos will make it happen with more power without you even being able to control it.

But plyometric workouts aren’t the only thing that will get you jumping higher. You have to train for strength gains in your legs as well. A good leg workout routine will help you produce more strength and greater strength is half of the equation of jumping higher. The equation is as follows Strength+Speed=Power. The strength will come from working out with weights and the speed will come from doing jumping workouts called plyometrics.

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