Ways to Jump Higher for Basketball

Everyone is always looking for ways to jump higher for basketball and the reality is that you do need to train to be able to increase your vertical.

The best workouts to jump higher are not always what you might think they would be. Did you know that having strong hamstrings will give you a huge gain in your vertical leap? When looking at shoes jumping isn’t all about training with some kind of strength training shoe like the jumpsole. They are mostly a gimmick that might help you a tiny bit but most likely will not give you more than an inch or 2 on your vertical.

You have to exercise to jump higher an that is all there is to it. But the big problem is that most people do not know how to accomplish that in the right way. You can’t just think you will jump like Kobe Bryant or Lebron James or Leonel Marshall because you go to the gym every once in a while. You need to follow a good vertical jump program that will really give you hops. If you want to dunk now you have to train hard now. Learning how to dunk doesn’t come over night so be prepared to spend a little money on a vertical jump program.

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Vertical Jump Training

The key with vertical jump training is that you have to avoid the very common mistakes that most people make. The number one thing that you need to be aware of is doing too much too quick. Pace yourself and you will see better increases in your vertical leap than trying really hard for 2 weeks and then giving up.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t train hard, because you should. It just means that if you don’t know what you are doing you can waste a lot of time and energy. If you have a jump training program from someone that knows what they are doing then you can follow it and train hard. But the problem is that most kids try to do workouts that are not going to give them results and they just end up over training their bodies.

Knowing how to train in order to jump higher is key. You can’t just go to the gym and do random leg workouts expecting to see amazing results. If it worked that way, every kid would have a 40 inch vertical leap. There is a science that needs to be followed and jumping programs have it figured out. If you are looking to buy a vertical training program I can steer you in the right direction, Click Here to see the workout that I used to gain 2 inches after just 5 workouts!