Plyometric Exercises

Plyometric exercises are the number 1 way to improve vertical leap.  Lets go over some of the best plyometric exercises you can do to help you get a jump on your competition.

Box Jumps
You don’t want a box so high that you can’t bounce right back up once your feet hit the ground. What I mean by this is that you can’t replant in between every jump. You have to bounce right back up between each rep. The whole point of plyometrics is to sync all of your fast twitch golgi tendon reflexes. At the same time you need the boxes high enough to be challenging so that you don’t do really high reps. Keep the reps low when doing plyos.

Calf Raises
These are not a plyometric workout but they are important to do to strengthen your calves before you start a plyo workout. Plyos are very intense and put a lot of stress on your muscles, joint and tendons. You want to make sure that you are strong enough to start plyometrics. This means doing plenty of calf raises to build strong calves.

Hamstring Curls
I can’t stress the importance of calf raises enough. It’s obvious to most people that you need strong calves and quads to jump high but hamstrings are equally important as well as glutes. You need to have strong hamstrings if you want to learn how to improve vertical jump. The highest vertical jump in the world could be held by you if you get really strong hamstrings while training them with plyometrics at the same time.

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