Plyometric Volleyball Workout-Exercises to Increase Vertical Leap

A plyometric volleyball workout is absolutely necessary if you want to be able to compete at a high level of competition. No matter how high you can jump right now, you can jump higher. Maybe you are jumping 30 inches and think that you are doing alright, but you have at least 10 inches more that you can gain on your vertical. A great vertical jump in 44 inches and there weren’t many people that could jump that high a few years ago. But as science and knowledge of jump training grow, more and more people are getting to 44 inches and beyond. When I got to 36 inches I thought that I was jumping really high but then playing beach volleyball against people with verticals in the 40′s quickly humbled me and put me back to the gym.

plyometric workout volleyball

Focusing on the best exercises to increase vertical leap will give you results faster than spending countless hours in the gym training ineffectively. Jumping requires a perfect combination of plyometrics (jumping exercises) and strength training the traditional way with weights.

I can’t emphasize how important it is to know where you are strong and where you are weak. If you have strong quads and weak hamstrings, it WILL affect how high you can jump. You have to be well balanced. At the same time if you have strong legs but your speed is lacking, spending time building more strength will not benefit you to help you increase your vertical leap. You need to focus on the areas where you lack strength or speed. Most people just need it all, both speed and strength. But if you know you have very strong legs and you workout your legs often, you need to focus more on plyos than strength training. Leg workouts are very important to jumping and you need to have a plan before heading to the gym.

I would rather pay for a jump program that an experienced jump trainer has developed and tested than try to make up my own not knowing how well it work. You can buy a jump program online and they come in the form of an immediate downloadable eBook. This means that the second you buy it, you have access to the password and you can get the workout program, videos and anything else that comes with it. There are about 10 different jumping programs on the Internet right now. I will save you some time and tell you that the best one by far in my opinion is the Jump Manual, Click Here to see it.

A plyometric workout for volleyball or basketball will be very similar but most companies are going to advertise jump programs for basketball because there are more people interested in basketball than volleyball. But don’t worry, if you play volleyball these jump programs are perfect you as well.

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