Tips on How to Jump Higher

There are many articles written on how to increase vertical jump but I found one written by an expert author named Cade  on tips on how to jump higher.

So you want to learn how to jump higher?

Jumping requires a different type of training than that of bodybuilding. If you want to increase your vertical leap then you need to train through plyometrics.

Here are some exercise that will help you in your jumping ability.

1. Squats. These aren’t just 3 sets of normal squats though. You gotta switch it up a bit to train your muscles how to jump. Do the first set going down slow and then exploding up quickly. Explode all the way up onto your toes so that it is a squat and calf raise. Second set is going to be fast down and up. On both sets you want a weight that is challenging enough to barely finish 8 reps. Don’t sacrifice speed to go heavy though! The second you can’t go at a fast speed is when you know the weight is too heavy.

2. Plyometrics. These will require a box or something to jump onto and off of. Sit on something about knee high and have another box a little higher than what your sitting on directly in front of you. You are going to explode from a seated position and land on top of the box in front on you. Most people don’t get bend their knees as much as they could and this results in a lower jump height. This exercise will force you to bend at the knee more thereby increasing your the power you are able to generate against the ground causing you to jump higher. Again do a height that is challenging enough to only be able to get 8. We want to train for power and height, not for endurance that’s why the reps are so low.

I thought you would enjoy that article.  Read here for more on how to increase your vertical

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