Vertical Jump Report-Luke Lowrey Scam

Wow! I just listened to a long scam sales pitch about the vertical jump report. It screamed scam all over it! The famous Luke Lowrey scam artist is at it again with his self proclaimed expertise in jump training. The worst part is that ignorant kids and parents will believe his crap and actually buy his product.

Do Not buy the vertical jump report scam program! I repeat do NOT buy anything that has the name Luke Lowrey associated with it. He is a really good scam artist. For some reason people with accents are trusted more than normal and that is just 1 extra little thing that he uses to get people to trust him. He talks himself up so much that you would think he is a real trainer that has trained pros. Well there is no proof of that and he knows it. That is why he says he has “confidentiality agreements” between him and the pros that he trains. Any kid can get on the internet and make these same claims. It’s people like him that give the real jump programs that actually work a bad name.

Please safe yourself a lot of money, by avoiding anything that has to do with Luke Lowrey. He will take a lot of money from, don’t believe his lies.

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