Vertical Leap Training

The best thing about any vertical jumping program is that you can get results that you may have thought were impossible before. Vertical leap training is a great way to jump up to 10 inches higher in as little as 10 weeks. But lets look at some important factors that must be taken into consideration before you buy a jump higher program.

What jumping exercises should you be doing to increase your vertical?

Before I can tell you how to do plyometric workouts, you have to have the strength in your legs to handle to them. If you don’t you will run a high risk for injury. So you need to strengthen you legs and joints by normal weight training. This means you will be doing a lot of the basic movements with weight.

Hamstring Curls

You get the picture? You should have no problem squatting your weight ten times. This doesn’t mean you own body weight, I mean your weight on the bar while you squat. If you can’t squat your weight you might wanna hold off on buying a vertical leap program for a couple weeks until you gain a little bit of strength.

Which vertical jump program should you buy?

This is a great question. You can see my personal favorite, the Jump Manual. The Jump Manual program will produce results and you will get sore at least for the first 2 weeks like I did. It got me really sore, but that’s because I wasn’t training my legs at all before I started it. Visit

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