Why You Should Buy The Jump Manual

Here on this site we discuss workouts that will increase your vertical and try to help you understand the science and kinesiology of jumping. Well, I talked to the creator of the Jump Manual, Jacob Hiller, and he allowed me to try his Jump Manual and talk about it here on the site. I am always up for trying new workouts that focus on increasing vertical leap because that’s what we cover here on IncreaseVerticalWorkouts.com.

I am an experienced jumper and the results I got from the Jump Manual blew me away. I started the first week and got very sore in my hamstrings because I have neglected them lately. So I wasn’t able to work out for 3 days after the first workout. The reason being that I was following Jacob’s advice to not do any jump training while sore. So once I got back in the gym I got super sore again, but not for 3 days like before. All in all, I worked out my legs 3 times in the first week and ended up gaining 1 inch. The second week was better because I didn’t get so sore and gained yet another inch.

jump training program

Now you might be thinking that 2 inches in 2 weeks isn’t anything to write about but you are mistaken. I’m not a beginner, so it’s harder for me to gain inches on my vertical leap. I already have a vertical in the upper 30′s and getting 2 inches in 2 weeks is mind blowing for me. If I were a beginner I easily would have gained 4 inches in those same 2 weeks.

What the Jump Manual promises is 10 inches added to your vertical leap and I think it is attainable for most people. You can see all the testimonials of people that have had success using the Jump Manual here.

It’s normal to be skeptical, I was for 27 years. I didn’t think that you could gain inches to your vertical so quickly.
Click Here to see a video on jump training by Jacob Hiller and visit his site to see the jump program for yourself.

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