Workouts to Improve Vertical Leap

Improving your vertical leap is easier than many people make it out to be. You simply have to know which exercises you need to do in order to jump higher. The problem with most people is that they don’t know which workout will increase vertical leap and which ones only feel like they are working but in reality are not.


Jumping exercises number in the hundreds and many of them work depending on when you do them. I’m not talking about at what time of day, I am referring to the time you do them in accordance with other workouts you should be doing to improve vertical leap. You have to get a on a specific workout plan to jump higher if you want to experience great increases in your vertical. You don’t become the best jumper in the world by accident. You have to make sure to follow a jump higher workout routine.

I will give you free tips on how to jump higher so you can make your own workout plan and be able to spot the scams from the real deals when it comes to jump programs. There are many jump programs out there. I have a list of jump programs on this site where you can see reviews of products such as the Jump Manual, Air Alert, Jump Bible, Double Your Vertical and all the other programs on the Internet.

You should NEVER be doing high rep jumping exercises. A perfect example of what not to do is any form of jump rope exercises. Jumping rope does not help you jump higher unless you are going from being sedentary (couch potato) to active.

Another example that would not help you would be running long distances, even if you are running up stairs. Also biking will not help you jump any higher. Jumping on a trampoline will not make you jump higher either because it is more of an endurance exercise. You want to stay in the low rep, very high intensity zone when training your muscles to jump their highest.

Some exercises you should be doing are squats, cleans, plyo box jumps and other low rep plyometric workouts. Exercises to jump higher in volleyball will be the same as basketball workouts for the most part. The only thing that would be different is that you might do a few workouts for basketball that would focus on jumping from one leg.

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